This was my first con going without a full weekend pass.  I decided that I’d wait till closer to the convention to get tickets, but turns out it sold out extremely quickly. So I was only able to attend panels on Friday and Saturday, no J2 for me.  Which in all honesty was actually ok with me.

On Friday we had regular GA tickets and turns out if you don’t mind sitting way down on either end you can sit in the front row, which was awesome!! We also got right up in front of the stage for Kings of Karaoke Friday night.

Saturday I had a preferred GA seat and it was ok. I sat in M12 and I got some ok photos.  The Saturday Night Special is always my favorite.  We lined up early and got pretty good standing space in the dance area on the sides. I got some good photos there.  Louden Swain puts on one hell of a show.  Below are some photos from the Louden Swain Saturday Night Special.  Enjoy.